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High Vibration Products are designed to be used in conjunction with regular dental visits to your local Holistic Dentist.

       High Vibration Holistic Oral Hygiene Care Line

   Organic * Vegan * Gluten Free * Palm Oil Free * Fair Trade * Soy Free * Fluoride Free

Oil Pulling Solution - Suggested Use - Swish at least 10 and no longer than 20 minute nightly before sleeping and in the morning.

Mild medicinal flavor ​- Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle with Glass Dropper- Label dissolves in water.

Our high quality oil pulling solution (*palm oil free) is a smooth blend of oils and other natural ingredients that have long been regarded as beneficial in oral care. Studies show sesame oil can help receding gums and neem oil prevents the formation of plaque and tarter as well as improves gingivitis. Iodine exhibits activity against bacteria, molds, yeasts, protozoa, and many viruses as well as studies now show it removes fluoride from the body which may help to de-calcify the pineal gland. The cold pressed organic Coconut oil has Lauric acid which is well known for its antimicrobial actions; it inhibits Strep mutans that are the primary bacteria that have been proven to cause tooth decay. Three essential oils and the black lava sea salt give this solution a mild, light medicinal flavor that our customers say is completely non offensive with a light medicinal taste. Ingredients: *sunflower oil, *sesame oil, *coconut oil, *aloe vera powder, *camu camu, **black lava sea salt (activated charcoal), *neem oil (*olive oil), **iosol iodine  Essential Oils: *frankincense, *lavender, *tea tree  (Certified Organic* / Food Grade**) 

Oil swishing has been shown to improve the health of your gums as well s whiten and brighten teeth. You can swish in the shower, in the car, here or there, most anywhere. Just be sure to swish at least 10 to  and not longer than 20 minutes to achieve maximum results.

The Oil Pulling Solution is best when used in conjunction with the product line, however it is sold separately.