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High Vibration Products are designed to be used in conjunction with regular dental visits to your local Holistic Dentist.

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High Vibration holistic oral care line was created to be used as a long term treatment process for people who value their teeth and understand that good health starts in the mouth. Studies show that the ingredients in this product can whiten and brighten teeth, help prevent and reverse gum disease as well as restore the mouth to a proper PH level in order to remineralize the teeth which can reverse cavities. Every attempt is made to use product sources for our ingredients that come from green, sustainable, organic, fair trade and vegan practices. It is highly suggested when placing your first order to purchase the teeth tray if you will be using the clay products. Subsequent orders will then not require you to purchase the tray.   Click on a product to learn more about it!

       High Vibration Holistic Oral Hygiene Care Line

   Organic * Vegan * Gluten Free * Palm Oil Free * Fair Trade * Soy Free * Fluoride Free


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